Pat Miller’s 12 Pitfalls of Positive Punishment

        (Reasons to avoid "Force" training)

         From: Peaceable Paws –

          1.      You can cause physical pain/damage to your dog.

           2.      It is difficult to gauge the appropriate intensity.

           3.      The dog can develop a “punishment callous”.

           4.      The behavior may return when punishment stops.

           5.      It is difficult to have perfect timing.

           6.      It is difficult to be perfectly consistent.

           7.      It can suppress desired behaviors; inhibit offered behaviors.

           8.      It doesn’t teach the dog what to do.

           9.      The suppressive effect of the punisher is limited to the presence of the discriminative stimuli.

          10.  It is rewarding to the punisher.

          11.  It can damage the dog’s confidence, trust in the trainer, relationship between dog and human.

          12. Violence begets violence.